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June 3, 2010

Paintballs Vs Kitchen Knives

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The entire world’s focus seemed to be on the Mediterranean Sea, as the attempt to pass the Israel naval blockade by humanitarian services seems to have achieved its primary goal, but through unexpected lines and unimaginable losses. The loss of human lives is never an easy burden to bear. But the primary objective of the whole operation was achieved i.e. they managed to turn the world opinion against the Israel siege on the Gaza strip through this single confrontation. Even Israel’s biggest backer the US was appalled by the incident and condemned it to the highest degree. Israel seems clearly alone on the world stage right now. As Israeli diplomats try to reverse the damage done by the incident on must think how one of the most sophisticated, battle hardened elite special forces units of the world Shayetet 13 could blunder up an operation like this under the full glare of the world’s media.

I have to admit that Israeli Special Forces and its Intelligence (Mossad) have always impressed me. I mean some of its covert operations are like right out of a Hollywood movie. Operation Entebbe, Operation Wrath of God, Six-Day War, Operation Spring of Youth, Operation Isotope and few other Mossad black ops are just some of the known Israeli counter offensive covert operations. Israel is truly the epitome of self reliance. I mean after the weapons embargo was placed on them due to the Six-Day War, they went ahead and started making their on weapons. Yes, they had some help from the Americans but still its pretty impressive what they have accomplished. For such a small country to have such a self sustained defense research and production line is truly impressive. I say this because I consider India quiet similar to Israel, as both the countries are surrounded by neighbours who if your guard is down they’ll walk right into the kitchen. The neighbours are both hostile and breeding grounds for terrorists. Even India was placed under a weapons embargo after conducting the nuclear tests, but Indian research organizations didn’t achieve the same kind off self reliance, but instead we opted to buy cheaper soviet weapons. For Countries at constant hostilities with terrorists and its neighbours indigenous production of weapons is a mandatory need, a need which hopefully India can achieve in the coming decades.

All that said what happened in the Mediterranean Sea was a blunder of epic proportions, especially coming from the Israelis who face this problem on a day to day basis in the Gaza strip. Israeli forces were only authorized to use non lethal weapons like paintball guns, smoke and concussion grenades, tazers etc… but how the use of lethal weapons was later authorized against a mob of people with kitchen knives, wooden sticks and metal rods, can only leave us to wonder. The videos clearly show the soldiers being attacked but come on for a battle hardened unit like the Shayetet 13 it should have been a walk in the park. What would you rather face an RPG round or a kitchen knife. In the aftermath at least 10 people (allegedly) were killed , the official Israeli estimate is 4 people, and the remaining hundreds of protestors who where threatened with detention for refusing deportation, was released under huge global diplomatic pressure.

The Israeli diplomatic defense is that the soldiers lives were threatened, that is why the use of lethal action was authorized. Now this doesn’t sound right here are a group of people trying to break a naval blockade, did they think that the protestors will come peacefully, and also there was a huge media contingent, which is never a good thing if you are pulling an operation like this. The Israeli foreign ministry also blamed the world for not condemning other countries like Thailand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and surprisingly India when such atrocities happen there. Well, now this even weirder, are they trying to completely isolate themselves from friendly countries like India. Though they did retract the statement saying that India was not supposed to be in the foreign ministers speech, it was human error which they said was regrettable. What a time for a mistake to like that, when you need all the support you can get. Israel foreign Office is clearly in damage limitation mode but the damage done may be hugely irreparable and the repercussions will be felt for the foreseeable future. Clearly the day went to the protestors who went to catch the world’s attention and came back with much more, but with devastating consequences.


June 2, 2010

UPA 2.2 : The Review

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Watched Manmohan Singh deliver the UPA governments 2nd report card, got to say they have held their own…nothing spectacular but they also haven’t blown it completely ….Lets look at a few key ministries and the PM…

Home ministry runs by the impervious P.Chidambaram, according to me he done a decent enough job, come on we haven’t had a serious terror threat since Mumbai (Touch wood)….….so he must be doing something right. It should be also said that the Maoist are really pushing their luck…. If the army gets involved a lot of them are going to get killed….

Finance led by the chief problem solver of the UPA Pranab Mukherjee has done a terrific job keeping the economy under control and inflation in check…Only sore note is the price rise which I don’t think can be fully blamed on the FM…. lot of external factors involved

S. M. Krishna has done fair job in External Affairs….he has been under the radar most of the time while keeping India’s foreign policies in the limelight, has helped improve diplomatic ties with China and Pakistan. He also took a stern stand against the racist attacks in Australia.

Defense ministry has been very different from previous avatars, the quiet and efficient taskmaster A. K. Anthony has brought a sense of urgency to long protracted modernization program of the armed forces. The nuclear submarine, indigenous aircraft carrier, attack helicopter, stealth frigates etc… But the recent findings of the kargil war can lead to serious headaches.

Kapil Sibal seem to be a man possessed, he is on a one man mission to fix all the problems of the Indian education system, kudos to you and also best of luck. Though, it’s at the least decade too late.

Mamata Banerjee & Sharad Pawar are the ministers who have to pull up their socks. Mamata seems to be more concerned with running the Left parties out of West Bengal.
And Pawar has his hands full with the BCCI and all the rotten food grains in Punjab, while the prices sky rocket, and looks like he won’t have the monsoons to blame this time as it seems to be on time this year.

Finally, the PM who has surprised the most I always felt that he was just keeping the seat warm for certain Rahul Gandhi. But he turned out to be a genuine leader. He even had serious disagreements with Sonia Gandhi over RTI act, who would have thought of such a thing when he was put in the hot seat. And he even started answering back in the parliament. But alas all good things must come to an end. I get the feeling Rahul Gandhi is ready to takeover and if he can deliver UP in the next elections there will be no doubt about that fact.

The government has a tough year ahead of them…..the maoist are increasingly attacking innocent civilians; it may force the governments hand and bring the armed forces into the fight. Which according to me is the wrong move because the armed forces is not a good mix with civilians, just look at J&K and the north east.
The price rise has been a huge issue that has to be bought under control. And also keep internal politics in check, especially in Andhra Pradesh where it looks both the congress high command and Jagan Mohan Reddy looks like a ticking time bomb. And also foreign policies are going to be under severe scrutiny with talks with Pakistan coming up. The women’s reservation bills, the Telgana question, the census with caste are few of the stumbling blocks I can foresee in the coming year.

June 1, 2010

Finally my first blog!!!…. Took me a year to get started…

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Well as I’m finally here…..So,i ‘ll give a obligatory not so brief introduction of my self……I’m a twenty something guy from Bangalore,India(Yup, people we are the guys out to take your job)…..I’m  a also a mass communication major… I have a hand in all the pies…. my interests include from the extreme towards sports, movies, technology, music, politics and to the lesser ones in fashion, health etc…. As a mass comm student my professor always told us we should always know a little something about everything…..A few words I took to heart… As once a friend very adequately described me as a warehouse full of useless information (which I often quote)….

So in my blog I’ll be mainly talking about current affairs ranging from politics, world affairs, business deals, defense to my beloved sports franchises which are the following.

But, before I begin I must tell you that I’m not a glory hunter, I have been supporting these teams from when I first heard of them and supported them to losses and barren seasons with empty trophy cabinets. I was attracted to most of these clubs and teams because of their attitude on the field, style of play and also thirst for success. All of them are very successful teams in their on fields. As I come from a country where the masses follow only one sport, it was hard for me as a young kid to get to know about other sports, so invariably when I started reading and getting to know about other sports, I was only able to get as far as the beat teams in each sport. I was also attracted to the rich histories and traditions of each of these teams….something I picked up in boarding school (I studied in a semi military boarding school which is 150+ yrs old ….it was built on history, customs and tradition which is still with me to this day…) .Some of these teams were first introduced to me by friends from other countries ( mostly Joshua and Samir from the states who introduced me to MLB, NBA and the NFL…thanks guys) , so as a kid I just followed whatever teams they supported, and as I grew up the mild admiration grew into fanatic support.

So here are the teams I follow religiously …. In no specific order

Team Radioshack (Lance Armstrong is my idol….as cancer runs in my family…I take my hats off to this guy who also had the ball to fight the disease back and come up on top of a sport I feel is the most grueling in the world…. Honorable mention to Johan Bruyneel the best manager of the sport)

Manchester United (Barcelona 99, need I say more. Although I started supporting them before 99 it was the deal maker. And also The Gaffer Sir Alex Ferguson)

Ferrari (Before I knew about formula 1, I knew Ferrari as only a marquee brand which I can only dream to own. But when I saw a video of Schumacher taking out Villeneuve in 97…. I was hooked ….man, the audacity…. to win at all costs …here was a true competitor.)

New York Yankees (Thanks to samir who is an American of iranian descent who introduced me to the Yankees (the irony) and the pure hate he had towards anything boston, although his best friend was from boston)

Boston Celtics & New England Patriots (Again thanks to Joshua who introduced me to his hometown teams and funny stories of his father’s complete worship of all teams from New England)

Tiger Woods, John McEnroe and Pete Sampras (All three of them single handedly made me love individual sports….nowadays a certain Roger Federer keeps me glued to the idiot box ).

Last but not by any means the least my beloved Indian cricket team which gives me the most heartache and makes me want to burn the TV set every time they lose badly. But win or lose you guys are aces in my book.

So from what most of you who had the patience to read so far can see that I’m truly a sports junkie. So every time there anything significant happens about the above you can read it here.

I will also be writing about Indian politics and business, also the education system in India, the great Indian movie reel, music and also some personal insights into everything that’s me….. so keep an eye out for my next posting.

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