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June 27, 2010

The Hype, The Excitement and The Disappointment ….2010 World Cup as it is

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The 2010 World Cup was supposed to deliver one of the biggest sporting extravaganzas to the likes which the world has never seen. It was to be an event rich in culture and diversity portraying the African Continent in its greatest splendor. It was also supposed to be a showcase of the best football cultures, teams and players. On the Cultural part the World Cup delivers plentiful and then some more; but in the football sense of things it has been a major disappointment. It was touted as tournament where all the best teams as well as all the best players were supposed to shine and excel, which has not been the case to date. The pre-tournament favorites have failed to deliver, while the minnows and dark horses have not stood up to be noticed. The football itself has been lethargic and plain boring at times. There have been a few pieces of brilliance by some teams during brief moments in some of the matches but no one has lit up this World Cup yet. In one way the unpredictability of the teams has been such that there is no longer any clear front-runners. But the last 16 predicts to bring some magic into the ailing tournament.

One of the major disappointments of the World Cup has been the lack of a football crazy atmosphere, thanks mainly to the vuvuzelas. I get the point it is part of African football culture but the damn thing is simply annoying. I long for the days I can fear crazy fans chant crazy things and taunt the opposition fans and players alike. The vuvuzelas is annoying because it plays the same note however you blow into it, so fans are stuck with hearing the dull droning noise which refuses to stop even for a second for the entire duration of the match. I miss the uh’s and the ah’s when something interesting happens on the field and the celebration when someone scores or misses or even the playful boos by opposition fans. I even miss the deadly silence when someone scores against the big teams with masses of supporters. I hate it mainly because it is making the broadcasters mute the noise from the stadium so that the commentators could be heard over the ear busting screech; they seem detached from the stadium and covering the match from a TV from some other part of the world. I also get the point of saying it showcases African football to the world but this is the World Cup it is not only about Africa it is supposed to also be about the other countries taking part in it. It is supposed to be a global phenomenon. These are even said to be distracting players on and off the field, where they can’t communicate with each other on the pitch and sleep at night due to the God forsaken noise. Hopefully this dreaded apparatus doesn’t make its way to the European leagues as well as other major sporting events. Fingers crossed that the people running these events have more brains than the fools at FIFA.

Now to the football part, well let’s just say it has been dreadful to say the least. There has not been a bright spark from any of the players let alone the teams in the entire tournament. If any excitement that has been shown it has sadly come from the veterans of the World Cup Brazil and Argentina, although even they didn’t look at their best. Pre-tournament favorites Spain look as if they are only starting to find their feet. Other teams like Germany, Netherlands and Portugal have shown flashes of brilliance but don’t look the complete package. England has been rubbish for most of the matches though they are looking to hit top form in the last 16. France and defending champions Italy have been the most disappointing of the favorites with both them crashing out in the first round itself. Pre-tournament dark horses like Uruguay, Mexico, USA, and South Korea have shown more life and desire than many of the top teams in the entire draw, though both USA and South Korea were dumped out as I write this. I don’t know what it is but this world cup is clearly not a free-flowing fluid no-nonsense football tournament it promised to be. The level of football has been so poor sometimes that I didn’t mind turning over the channel to watch some Wimbledon at times (this coming from a hardcore football fan). I don’t know what it is the vuvuzelas, the atmosphere, the weather, no proper acclimatization, or even the damn Jabulani balls; this World Cup is failing to deliver.

This was a World Cup where a whole host of players were supposed to scorch the field with their skills and performances, but this has not happened there has not been any new talent discovery in this World Cup and the ones that were supposed to shine have failed to show up. The saving grace being Messi who was the spearhead of the Argentinean attack though he has yet to score. Players like Rooney, Ronaldo, Drogba, Ribery, and Torres have been an eye sore for most of the tournament. No fresh player has been able to stand up and fill the creative shoes of these players as of now. Rooney was missing his usual enthusiasm, Ronaldo has been plain selfish, Drogba and Torres doesn’t look match fit and Ribery was just woeful. Hopeful the latter stage of this tournament will deliver a few unforgettable matches so that this tournament doesn’t end being flushed down the drain. Also a shout out to the referees, what’s with all the red cards and dreadful decisions it takes so much away from the game; just let the game play itself out. Don’t do things that disrupt the flow of the game, be harsh when it’s needed not because your hand itches to flash red. One can only hope that there is some good football waiting to be unleashed in the next few rounds or this World Cup will be known for the off field controversies surrounding the French team, the vuvuzelas, and the unpredictable Jabulani rather than the happenings on the football pitch.


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