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June 3, 2010

Will the Three Lions roar???…..

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The England Team for the world cup was announced a couple of days ago, no big surprises other than Theo Walcott being dropped in favour of Shaun Wright Phillips(albeit not a big one). Both players have played very little in the premier league this year, Walcott due to injury and Wright Phillips was mostly overlooked at city by Mancini, so can’t say both have any kind off major form towards the end of the season. Walcott has failed to live up to the expectations that catapulted him into the big leagues after Arsene Wenger signed him up for Arsenal and Sven Goran Eriksson chose the then 17 year old youngster into the 06 world cup squad. He still shows the flashes of brilliance and the pace that made him a threat in the potent arsenal line up but at a very inconsistent rate. The remaining team looks good; hope Gareth Barry is fully fit and recovered from his injury.

Did I mention that I’ll be putting my money on the three lions for the World Cup? I feel they are in a good position to finally do it, relatively easy group and of course they have Wayne F@#%$%g Rooney. If he stays uninjured throughout the entire tournament then England will definitely have a huge chance of lifting the trophy. The question for England in whether to go with a 4-4-2 with Hesky/Crouch and Rooney or a 4-3-3 with Gerrard playing a more attacking role behind Rooney. I would prefer the latter because it gives the team more fluidity than the 4-4-2 because Crouch is not ideal for the role he is being deployed in that is to increase Rooneys attacking threat and Hesky is in miserable form leading to the World Cup. And also Rooney has been brilliant playing alone upfront for Man Utd. This then solves the problem of whether Gerrard and Lampard can play together. The team should be James in goal (most experienced among the chosen keepers), the defense with Johnson, Ferdinand, Terry & Cole picks itself, the midfield of Barry, Gerrard, & Lampard with Barry giving additional cover for the defense and the forward line led by Rooney with Joe Cole and Lennon on the wings. Both Cole and Johnson will overlap the wingers in support of an attack giving Cole and Lennon the license to drift onto the goal to support Rooney and Gerrard. I think this will be the ideal starting line up for the English team, but Capello is a tactical genius so he may chop and change according to different opponents.

Rooney will be inspirational leader of the team on the field. The guy is overflowing with infectious passion and energy on the field, he never believes in defeat, he can drag the team out from the dumps if the need arises, the ticking heart of the team. A Rooney-less England is not even half of the team with him in it. Even a half fit Rooney is better than no Rooney. Hopefully he stays fit through the entire tournament; he will be the target of every opposing defenders studs in the World Cup, a marked man along the likes of Messi, Ronaldo and Torres. And also he has learned to control his temper to much larger extent than previous years, so hopefully he can keep it for the entire competition. The other problem I see is that of team unity, cohesiveness & which has always been missing from previous English teams. Coming from a very intense, physical and competitive league like the premier league, the players will have troubles giving up club loyalties for the country honours. I’m not saying players prefer club to country but they all play for different clubs which all have a different playing styles, attitudes and rivalries which range from mild to I’ll kill you if you step on my pitch. So it’ll be a bit hard to really gel well with each other for a small amounts of time. Here is where Capello should wave his magic wand and make each player comfortable and help the team really come together as a single unit rather than a group of individuals.

The main competition for England will be Spain; they are still high on their Euro Championship triumph. A truly remarkable team so many great players throughout the team and more than enough quality cover for each position. But the focal point of the team will no doubt will be Torres up front who hopefully will be match fit by the start of the World Cup. But the Spaniards look truly scary along with Torres, Villa, Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso, Silva and the list keeps going. England will also have to worry about the Argentineans led by the Incredible Messi and also breakdown the defensive solidarity of a Cannavaro led Azzurri, both of whom England may have to face in the Quarters and the Semi’s respectively if all goes according to script. And being the World Cup one can never write off the Brazilians. The other teams who will make an impact will be Germany, Holland and whoever comes out of the group of death, either Portugal or the Ivory Coast(from the African Teams).

If England can keep their head down and concentrate on the football avoid all the off field and on field distractions and also stay away from the WAGS, this might finally be the year The Three Lions roar after 44 long year wait.


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