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June 3, 2010

The Ball in My Court : 1

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The BCCI has totally lost it; not sending a team to play in the Asian Games is a real gaffe on their part. They should have sent at least a junior team for the Men’s event and a full women’s team for the women’s event. It is a big shame because the youngsters would have had the opportunity to take part in a big event and India would have had a two definite Gold medal opportunity not that we are churning those out by the dozens all the time. I don’t see the logic behind the decision; ok there are prior commitments but send a IInd string team then. It’s not like India A tours all the time or even the under 19 players go on tours, so why not send a team. I can only see I explanation no money in it. There is no mula for taking part; the board doesn’t get any from the event as they can’t have any sponsors plus no television rights too. Their 3.4 crore shirt deal will have no relevance here. Such a plain commercial decision, even with ex cricketers like Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri on the working committee, there is no excuse for it. Hopefully someone in the BCCI can see the light at the end of this dark and gloomy tunnel, highly unlikely.

As mentioned earlier the Indian Cricket Teams jersey will keep hosting the Sahara brand, after they outbid Barati Airtel for a whooping 3.4 crore Rupees for each match. A big 30% jump to what they were paying last time around. But what has gone unnoticed is that there were no takers for the India A, U 19 and women’s team. Such a shame, in a country where cricket is considered a religion no one cares about the sport unless it involves the stars who made it into the senior team or more recently the IPL. No one follows let alone watch any of the other kinds off cricket be it Ranji, India A, Under 19’s and the women teams. If there was any kind off viewership there would have definitely been some sort of sponsors around. The irony of it all is dumbfounding.

On another note Roger Federer’s run of 23 semi final-appearances was stopped by a resurgent Robin Soderling. This is Soderlings 2nd major upset in as many French opens; last year he became the first man to stop Rafeal Nadal at Roland Garros. Federer was very un-federer like; he was making all kinds of unforced errors; his first serve was all over the place and after several rain delays Federer uncharacteristically (for lack of any better word) lost it, giving Soderling an easy ride in the 4th set. And the seeds are falling like ten pins following Federer out was Djokovic, Roddick, Murray, and the women side Serena, Venus, Henin, Wozniacki and Sharapova to name a few. So a new Champion for sure this year in both the Mens and the Womens event at Roland Garros. My thoughts point to a certain Rafeal Nadal and Jelena Janković.

Finally the NBA play-offs are here. GO CELTICS. Time to show the Lakers what it is all about. The history and the tradition involved in the decades old Lakers-Celtics rivalry is just unbelievable. My man for the series is relatively diminutive Rajon Rondo. But the trio of Garnett-Pierce-Allen should shut down Kobe and the Lakers. As the Celtics have been saying all season UBUNTU.


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