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June 2, 2010

UPA 2.2 : The Review

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Watched Manmohan Singh deliver the UPA governments 2nd report card, got to say they have held their own…nothing spectacular but they also haven’t blown it completely ….Lets look at a few key ministries and the PM…

Home ministry runs by the impervious P.Chidambaram, according to me he done a decent enough job, come on we haven’t had a serious terror threat since Mumbai (Touch wood)….….so he must be doing something right. It should be also said that the Maoist are really pushing their luck…. If the army gets involved a lot of them are going to get killed….

Finance led by the chief problem solver of the UPA Pranab Mukherjee has done a terrific job keeping the economy under control and inflation in check…Only sore note is the price rise which I don’t think can be fully blamed on the FM…. lot of external factors involved

S. M. Krishna has done fair job in External Affairs….he has been under the radar most of the time while keeping India’s foreign policies in the limelight, has helped improve diplomatic ties with China and Pakistan. He also took a stern stand against the racist attacks in Australia.

Defense ministry has been very different from previous avatars, the quiet and efficient taskmaster A. K. Anthony has brought a sense of urgency to long protracted modernization program of the armed forces. The nuclear submarine, indigenous aircraft carrier, attack helicopter, stealth frigates etc… But the recent findings of the kargil war can lead to serious headaches.

Kapil Sibal seem to be a man possessed, he is on a one man mission to fix all the problems of the Indian education system, kudos to you and also best of luck. Though, it’s at the least decade too late.

Mamata Banerjee & Sharad Pawar are the ministers who have to pull up their socks. Mamata seems to be more concerned with running the Left parties out of West Bengal.
And Pawar has his hands full with the BCCI and all the rotten food grains in Punjab, while the prices sky rocket, and looks like he won’t have the monsoons to blame this time as it seems to be on time this year.

Finally, the PM who has surprised the most I always felt that he was just keeping the seat warm for certain Rahul Gandhi. But he turned out to be a genuine leader. He even had serious disagreements with Sonia Gandhi over RTI act, who would have thought of such a thing when he was put in the hot seat. And he even started answering back in the parliament. But alas all good things must come to an end. I get the feeling Rahul Gandhi is ready to takeover and if he can deliver UP in the next elections there will be no doubt about that fact.

The government has a tough year ahead of them…..the maoist are increasingly attacking innocent civilians; it may force the governments hand and bring the armed forces into the fight. Which according to me is the wrong move because the armed forces is not a good mix with civilians, just look at J&K and the north east.
The price rise has been a huge issue that has to be bought under control. And also keep internal politics in check, especially in Andhra Pradesh where it looks both the congress high command and Jagan Mohan Reddy looks like a ticking time bomb. And also foreign policies are going to be under severe scrutiny with talks with Pakistan coming up. The women’s reservation bills, the Telgana question, the census with caste are few of the stumbling blocks I can foresee in the coming year.


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