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June 1, 2010

Finally my first blog!!!…. Took me a year to get started…

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Well as I’m finally here…..So,i ‘ll give a obligatory not so brief introduction of my self……I’m a twenty something guy from Bangalore,India(Yup, people we are the guys out to take your job)…..I’m  a also a mass communication major… I have a hand in all the pies…. my interests include from the extreme towards sports, movies, technology, music, politics and to the lesser ones in fashion, health etc…. As a mass comm student my professor always told us we should always know a little something about everything…..A few words I took to heart… As once a friend very adequately described me as a warehouse full of useless information (which I often quote)….

So in my blog I’ll be mainly talking about current affairs ranging from politics, world affairs, business deals, defense to my beloved sports franchises which are the following.

But, before I begin I must tell you that I’m not a glory hunter, I have been supporting these teams from when I first heard of them and supported them to losses and barren seasons with empty trophy cabinets. I was attracted to most of these clubs and teams because of their attitude on the field, style of play and also thirst for success. All of them are very successful teams in their on fields. As I come from a country where the masses follow only one sport, it was hard for me as a young kid to get to know about other sports, so invariably when I started reading and getting to know about other sports, I was only able to get as far as the beat teams in each sport. I was also attracted to the rich histories and traditions of each of these teams….something I picked up in boarding school (I studied in a semi military boarding school which is 150+ yrs old ….it was built on history, customs and tradition which is still with me to this day…) .Some of these teams were first introduced to me by friends from other countries ( mostly Joshua and Samir from the states who introduced me to MLB, NBA and the NFL…thanks guys) , so as a kid I just followed whatever teams they supported, and as I grew up the mild admiration grew into fanatic support.

So here are the teams I follow religiously …. In no specific order

Team Radioshack (Lance Armstrong is my idol….as cancer runs in my family…I take my hats off to this guy who also had the ball to fight the disease back and come up on top of a sport I feel is the most grueling in the world…. Honorable mention to Johan Bruyneel the best manager of the sport)

Manchester United (Barcelona 99, need I say more. Although I started supporting them before 99 it was the deal maker. And also The Gaffer Sir Alex Ferguson)

Ferrari (Before I knew about formula 1, I knew Ferrari as only a marquee brand which I can only dream to own. But when I saw a video of Schumacher taking out Villeneuve in 97…. I was hooked ….man, the audacity…. to win at all costs …here was a true competitor.)

New York Yankees (Thanks to samir who is an American of iranian descent who introduced me to the Yankees (the irony) and the pure hate he had towards anything boston, although his best friend was from boston)

Boston Celtics & New England Patriots (Again thanks to Joshua who introduced me to his hometown teams and funny stories of his father’s complete worship of all teams from New England)

Tiger Woods, John McEnroe and Pete Sampras (All three of them single handedly made me love individual sports….nowadays a certain Roger Federer keeps me glued to the idiot box ).

Last but not by any means the least my beloved Indian cricket team which gives me the most heartache and makes me want to burn the TV set every time they lose badly. But win or lose you guys are aces in my book.

So from what most of you who had the patience to read so far can see that I’m truly a sports junkie. So every time there anything significant happens about the above you can read it here.

I will also be writing about Indian politics and business, also the education system in India, the great Indian movie reel, music and also some personal insights into everything that’s me….. so keep an eye out for my next posting.



  1. Nice effort buddy!!! Great work!!! keep going!!! Here goes your first reader..!

    Comment by Nelson — June 2, 2010 @ 3:12 am | Reply

  2. As once a friend very adequately described me as a warehouse full of useless information gud cmmnt on u man

    Comment by Tony — June 12, 2010 @ 5:17 pm | Reply

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